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   Version 3.0.013   (2018.11.14)


New features

share-IT engine is now avaliable in version 3.0

Multitarget mode is now avaliable for all apps (except Woody Outgest)

Avid modes: Multi resolution workflow is now available in Woody Ingest

Avid Interplay mode: It is now possible to ingest a video with alpha channel as Matte effect in an Avid sequence


Improvement of the multitarget mode on all apps

Camera cards automatic loading is now working again. It supports user authentication or anonymous mode.

Browsing folders with accented characters is now working properly in Woody in2it browser

Issues in Woody Outgest with API and Interplay watchfolders have been fixed

Ingest from Dailymotion sources has been fixed

Various minor bug fixes in Woody user interfaces

A field used in a naming rule is now automatically set as mandatory when saving the profile

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