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   Version 3.0.016   (2019.01.08)


New features

 Burn-in picture during transcoding is now available in all Woody apps.


 LDAP integration has been greatly improved in order to be more comprehensible and efficient.

 License import has been improved, the import is now faster.

 Clips with duration lower than 1 frame will not be processed. The minimum duration for processed clips can also be changed in the ingest profile.

Clips merge has been greatly improved. Various source types (video, photo) can now be merged into one single clip during ingest.

 Prefix can now be used in the renaming rules.


Transcoding from progressive source to interlaced target has been greatly improved, the quality of resulting files is now better.

Various bug fixes in Woody users management and profile tab.

An issue affecting ingest of some clips from Parrot drones (where thumbnail is stored in the first video stream) has been fixed.

An issues affecting ingest of subclips in XDCAM50 have been fixed. 

An issues affecting card detection in Woody in2it has been fixed

 The drop down profile list order has been fixed to always sort porfiles alphabetically.

 Clips numbering during ingest has been improved.

Various bug fixes in Woody in2it user interface.

An issue affecting the quality of ingest for some Youtube sources (SD ingested instead of HD) has been fixed.

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