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   Version 3.1.003   (2019.06.07)


New features

 The global Woody architecture has been improved, and is more secured (database, scripts, ...)

 New target formats (XAVC Intra and DNxHD 350x).

 Support for XDCAM EX 35 720p/59.94.

 Dynamic generation of Avid Interplay attribute "TapeName".

 Source path component usable in naming and folder creation rules

New timecode generation options (based on sourceTC, source creation date or RecRun mode)

 Users management: you can now view and disconnect manualy clients from administration page

 "Burn in picture" option to add a logo or a watermark in overlay, in all or a portion of the video

 New video player with audio VUmeter, reading proxy generated on the fly by Woody streaming server.

 New SMB selector metadata type

New range of Woody in2it products are now avaliable, "Woody in2it", "Woody in2it server", "Woody in2it essentials" and "Woody in2it Go".

 Woody in2it server now supports watchfolders mode

share-IT engine is now working in floating license mode


This 3.1 version only support Pro Tools from version 12.8, for previous Pro Tools version, use Woody 3.0.021 and Pro Tools patch


 Watchfolder algorithm is now taking TimeZone into account in file creation date. So the summer time change won't affect watchfolders anymore.

 An issue with mp3 files for Interplay targets is now fixed

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