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   Version 3.2.002   (2019.12.18)


New features

NTSC framerate (29.97 and 59.94) have been added to custom format.

 "Import watchfolders" feature is now available for in2it server.

 Direct access to server monitoring for Woody in2it essentials clients.


 Jobs starting time have been increased on woody engine.

 Post-processing backup is now working on Woody in2it essentials clients

After import, profiles are now active by default.


 Cards watchfolder issue was fixed.

 Priority for cards watchfolders are fixed.

 Profiles list has now a scroll system for long profiles lists.

 Metadata issue on subclips is now fixed.

 "Interplay selector" metadata type was not working in 3.2.001, it's now fixed.

Add Visual C++ 2013 libraries in Woody Social installer.

 in some specific cases, the Interplay folder tree was also created in Windows folde on Woody server, it's fixed.

 Interplay thumbnails generation issue is fixed.

 'xmlJobSeparator' is undefined  error is fixed.

  Database optimisations to save ram usage.

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