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   Version 3.2.001   (2019.10.31)


New features

 New Woody in2it client: Woody in2it Essentials, allowing local browsing when connected to Woody in2it server for processing, with ingest while transfer feature.

 "Send to" feature to transfer a sequence or clip directly from MediaComposer to Woody in2it.

 Live ingest mode, allowing to ingest growing files (API integration only)

 FTP retries improvement

 Overwrite option in profiles for FTP and SMB delivery modes

 Support of IBM F1 files


 Add support of DNxHD175x 1080p/24.

 Improved monitoring in user interface for better view

 Speedup Card and folders opening in user interface


 FTP watchfolder issue

 Merge jobs issue is fixed, as well as monitoring of merge jobs.

 XDCam ProDisk backup issue is fixed.

 Unsupported characters issue in Woody Social is fixed.

 Woody Social Geolocation search is fixed.

 Naming rule for .xml files has been fixed.

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