From version 3.3, a unique installer is available for all Woody products. It is named Woody-in2it-3.3.XXXXX.msi. The license file is enabling the features of the product you've purchased.

Installation and User Guides are available here.

Technical specifications are available here.

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   Version 3.3.1   (2020.04.04)


New features

All applications support clustering mode (failover and loadbalancing)
Woody in2it includes different variants such as Standalone, Server (engine) and Essentials, Go and mobile (client).
Woody in2it server is now installed as Windows service. Woody in2it standalone and clients will be installed as desktop application.
 Woody Ingest product has been discontinued, all its features have been implemented in Woody in2it server.
Most of the configuration is now stored in a secured database.
Woody support SAML2 protocol to integrate external authentication providers, like Okta.
New login page, allowing to change authentication provider (Woody, Active directory, SAML2)

Ability to select a default authentication provider
An installation wizard is now helping you to setup your configuration (ports, certificates, DNS, ...)
In the case your server is connected to Internet, Woody solutions can automatically generate a SSL Certificate signed by “Let's Encrypt”.
Active Directory integration has been completely updated.
External users are now bound by groups instead of importing all users in Woody configuration.
After a certain time of inactivity, users will be disconnected, but will preserve their work when they log back in. This feature can be disabled in the setup tab. You can also define the duration of inactivity before being disconnected.
Camera cards support improvements
A Google Chrome plugin is now available to trigger ingest to Woody Social engine from any supported website.


In server mode, with more than one node, all paths must be UNC.
By default, server cannot browse local storage (can be changed from setup tab).


Post-processing backup is now working on Woody in2it essentials clients
After import, profiles are now active by default.


Static metadata mapping to Interplay can be erratic, will be fixed in next release. Workaround available.

No Burn-in picture
Import of profiles, groups, users are not possible from versions prior to 3.3.
Database replication from master node has not been implemented yet, will be done in the next release.
Multitarget profiles are not available in Woody Social, will be fixed in v3.4.

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