This article describes how to configure Woody in2it server to manage metadata extraction from sidecar xml in a workflow triggered by watchfolder.

Note: this feature is only available from version 3.3 and later.

To create a watchfolder handling a sidecar xml, your workflow needs to match the following pre-requisites:

  • XML is coming in the watchfolder after the media relating to it
  • XML and media are coming in the same watchfolder

Step 1 - In your watchfolder settings, select Metadata fileĀ as trigger in the ModeĀ input, and choose the target profile to be used.

Step 2 - Define the protocol to access your sidecar files

Step 3 - Define the matching rule to resolve the media filename from the xml filename, and the path to the xsl file to transform source metadata. Please indicate a UNC path visible from all servers for a farm installation.

The role of the xsl transformation is to standardize metadata extracted from the sidecar xml to ingest them in the Woody workflow. The result of the transformation must be a json structure matching this template:


A sample xsl file is enclosed with this article. This example is done to parse metadata coming from another Woody system.

Step 4 - Add a filter extension rule to match only xml files.

Step 5 - Configure your profile to use the extracted metadata. You must define as "User metadata" the metadata names corresponding to the array defined in the json generated at step 3.

You can then use these metadata in your naming and folder creation rules.

Do not hesitate to contact Woody support if you need assistance with the creation of the xsl file adapted to your sidecar.