From version 3.3, a unique installer is available for all Woody products. It is named Woody-in2it-3.3.XXXXX.msi. The license file is enabling the features of the product you've purchased.

Installation and User Guides are available here.

Technical specifications are available here.

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   Version 3.3.5   (2020.08.17)


New features

    You can now filter characters by allowing or forbidding specifics characters.

    FileCatalyst integration (adding SSL support).

    Additional settings to configure SAML2 authentication providers (OneLogin compatibility).

    Woody installers are now signed by "Woody Technologies SAS".
     Support of Panasonic CX350 P2 Cards.


    Unused options have been cleaned from the ingest profiles.

    Orientation of pictures taken from smartphone is now correct after ingest, based on EXIF metadata.
    Improvement on logs management (less logs in "low" level, better backup and cleanup of older logs).

    Security improvement for Woody in2it Go configuration server.

    Woody attribute setting was moved from setup to profile configuration.


    Characters filtering will only be applied on the metadata value instead of being applied on name and value.
    Issues fixed with metadata mapping.

    Ingest of audio files with album thumbnail: Woody is now ingesting audio file instead of thumbnail.

    It is no longer possible to add an authentication provider with an empty name.

   During edition of static metadata, Woody is now automatically updating target metadata mapping.

   Scroll down is now available in all menus.

    Some AVCHD cards containing more than 99 clips are now correctly opened in UX.
    In some cases there was a difference between displayed and used profile. It's now fixed.

    Improvement in clips merge when working from a Woody in2it essentials client. 

    Client installation (Go and Essentials) issue making Microsoft Office unusable (error 0xc0000715) is fixed.

    Post-process backup issue is fixed.


    Multitarget profiles are not available in Woody Social, will be fixed in v3.4.

    External list can't be used as user metadata, will be fixed in v3.4.

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