To perform a complete reboot of your IN2IT cluster, follow these steps:

- Navigate to the admin UI and open Manager tab (https://clusteraddress:port/admin)

- Proceed the reboot of additional nodes one by one : please stop IN2IT service before stopping the server.

- After each server restart, check if status of this node is back to green in the manager (will be orange when rebooting with message status = The server is not responding)

   During these operations, all watchfolders will be reallocated on availables nodes

   Ongoing jobs will not be affected by this operation

- When all nodes have been rebooted, you can proceed with the reboot of first node (stop the IN2IT service first)

During the reboot of the first node, IN2IT user interface will not be available and ongoing jobs will be interrupted.

- After reboot, please make sure that all watchfolders are running, if not (grey status) clic Start to start them manually.

  New files in watchfolders will be processed.

We recommend to perform a reboot of IN2IT cluster every month.