From version 3.3, a unique installer is available for all Woody products. It is named Woody-in2it-3.3.XXXXX.msi. The license file is enabling the features of the product you've purchased.

Installation and User Guides are available here.

Technical specifications are available here.

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   Version 3.3.8   (2021.01.29)


New features

  "Username" metadata available for Interplay attribute, renaming and grouping

   Support of Instagram stories through URL

   Support of AV1 sources

   Support of shortened URL such as tinyurl


  Folder cleanup has been improved.

  Interplay thumbnails are now generated based on target instead of source

   "Source URL" and "Username" are now available in ingest logs

   Direct media URL ingest has been improved

   Interplay selector has been improoved.

   Restriction of 30 watchfolders per server has been removed.

  Mate effect have a fixed TCStart on "00:00:00:00" to avoid issues with Dynamic relink


  License check have been improved, in some cases Woody in2it server would stop watchfolders by itself

  Character filers : "\" and "/" are not filtered in paths anymore 

  Incoherent orange status in manager

  FTP delivery with incoherent file names

  Some Twitter videos would not download properly
  Burn-in picture issues have been fixed

  ProDisk issues have been fixed (multi-clip detection)

  Watchfolder with metadata file mode would occasionally crash

  In UX progess bar doesn't update after changing profile

  In some cases watchfolder was processing .xml file instead of video file

  SMB browser could not open Windows folders wih ' on it's name

  Copy mode was adding a second extension to the media file

  Start time issue with custom format

  Ingest live can now get source TC


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