This article lists source formats supported in the current version of the following IN2IT solutions.

- Some containers and codecs not listed here may be supported.
- Some containers and codecs might not be correctly read by IN2IT access player but are nevertheless correctly processed by the ingest engine.
- Some source containers and codecs might be incompatible with certain features (merge, alpha channel extraction...)


Audio-video containers

4X, ASF, AVI, AVS, Bink, CDXL, DV, FLV, GXF, Matroska, Microsoft XMV, MLV, MP4, MPEG Systems, MPEG-TS, MTV, MXF Op1a, MXF Op1b*, MXF OpAtom, MxPEG, NUT, Ogg, QuickTime / MOV, RealMedia, RedCode R3D, RL2, WebM.

Audio containers

3GPP, ACT, AFC, AIFF/AST, Apple CAF, Audio IFF, AVR, BRSTM, Creative, CRI ADX, CRYO APC, D-Cinema, IRCAM, LOAS, MD STUDIO, Microsoft xWMA, Monkey's Audio, MP3, Musepack, NIST, NTT TwinVQ, PVF, QCP, Sony OpenMG, Sony Wave64, Sun AU, True Audio, WAV / WAVE, Westwood, Yamaha SMAF.

Video codecs

4X Movie, AJA Kona, AMV Video, Apple MJPEG-B, Apple ProRes , Auravision, AVC-Intra, AVC-Intra LongG*, AVS, BBC Dirac, Beam Software, Bethesda, Bink, CamStudio, Canopus Lossless Codec, Chinese AVS, Chronomaster, Cinepak, Cirrus Logic AccuPak, Commodore CDXL, CPiA, Dirac, DNxHD, Duck TrueMotion, DV, DVCPro, DVCProHD, Electronic Arts, Feeble Files, FFmpeg video codec, FLV / Sorenson Spark, Google VP9, H.261,  H.263, H.264, HEVC, IBM UltiMotion, IFF, Intel Indeo, Lagarith, Microsoft RLE, Video 1, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, NuppelVideo, On2 VP3 - VP5 - VP6 - VP7 - VP8, RealVideo 1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0 - 4.0 - RL2, Sierra VMD, Silicon Graphics Motion Video, Silicon Graphics RLE, Smackvideo, VC-1, Sony MDEC, Theora, Ut Video, VC3/DNxHD, VP8, VP9, Windows Media Video 7 - 8 – 9, XAVC-Intra, XAVC-LongG.

Audio codecs

8SVX, AAC, ADPCM, ADU, ALAC, ALS, AMR-NB, ATRAC1 - 3, ATSC, Bink, DCA, DPCM, DSD, FLAC, G.722, G.723, G.726, G.729, Gecko, GSM, IAC, IMC, LucasArts VIMA, MACE, MLP, Monkey's Audio, MP1, MP2, MP3, Musepack, On2 Audio, Opus, PCM, QCELP, RealAudio 1.0 - 2.0 - Lossless - SIPR, Sierra VMD audio, Smack, SMPTE 302M, Sonic, True Audio, TrueHD, Vorbis, Voxware MetaSound, VQF TwinVQ, Westwood Audio, Windows Media Audio 1 - 2 - 9 - Lossless – Voice.

Animations and still images

Apple QuickDraw, Autodesk Animator, Deluxe Paint Animation, QuickTime Animation, QuickTime Graphics, Westwood Studios VQA, Alias/Wavefront PIX image, BMP, BRender PIX image, DPX, GIF, JPEG 2000, JPEG, OpenEXR, PAM, PBM, PCX, PGM, Pictor/PC Paint, Pinnacle Targa, PNG, PPM, SGI, SMV, TIFF, Truevision Targa, WebP, XBM.

*copy mode only