A clip is called spanned when it is saved into several files. Here are 2 cases: 

1. Intra-card spanit can occur when the filesystem (FAT16, FAT32) of the recording device limits the file size while the camera manages the recording continuity. The files making part of the clip are on a same card. 

IN2IT access manages this kind of clips, performing a virtual stitching of the files making part of the clip (segments), displaying and processing them as a single clip in the user interface (clips list, player, metadata, sub-clips). This case is then transparent for the users

IN2IT access detects and manages the intra-card span for the following camera cards: 

  • Panasonic P2 
  • AVC HD
  • Canon XF 
  • DCIM

This spanning case is not applicable to XDCam structures (UDF or exFAT file system).

It is possible for a user to know that a clip is composed of several segments by displaying the "segments" metadata in the columns list. Please refer to IN2IT access user guide to learn more about choosing the metadata columns.

2. Inter-card span, it occurs when the camera offers several memory card slots and allows the continuous recording across 2 cards.

The presence of an inter-card spanned clip at the start or end of a card is indicated with a special icon, in IN2IT access User Interface. Then, the user is informed that the beginning or the end of the clip he's previewing is on a different card.

However, the 2 parts of the clip are displayed and processed by IN2IT access as 2 separate clips. 

IN2IT access detects the span inter-cards for structures: 

  • Sony XDCam and XDCam Pro 
  • Panasonic P2 
  • Canon XF