IN2IT - Release notes v3.3.12 (2021-08-03)

 From version 3.3, a unique installer is available for all Woody products. It is named IN2IT-3.3.XXXXX.msi. 

The license file is enabling the features of the product you've purchased.

Installation and User Guides are available here.

Technical specifications are available here.


 New features

 Silent installation of IN2IT access (remote) is now possible for automated deployment

New "tag mode" behavior for search criterias

 User email is now available as metadata for SAML2 and LDAP integrations


 Various improvements in IN2IT social search UI

 Improved handling of AvidFastserve sources for Avid outgest workflows


Fix errors in cleanup process


Fix file path missing in API response

Fix target metadata issue in API jobs

Fix resolution in custom format example

Fix errors introduced in 3.3.11 for XDCAM HD ingest in Avid modes

Fix overlapping lines in monitoring page

 Fix merge error on cards with high number of clips

 Fix Media and AAF extraction for Avid outgest workflows debug

 Fix for processing while growing in watchfolders

Fix error about track indexes in Avid outgest workflows

Fix potential error when triggering Avid PAM transcode job in multiple nodes installation

Fix redirection after login

Fix Edit while ingest issue introduced in 3.3.11

Fix Twitter video download issue

Fix Thumbnail creation that could make jobs hanging

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