IN2IT agent installation

The sendto.exe provided with IN2IT agent has the ability to automaticaly open your web browser to the upload ux if it is not already opened.

To enable this feature, the agent must be aware of your IN2IT backend endpoint.

This can be easily configured throught the IN2IT agent installer.

When installing the agent via the command line interface, you can use this propertie to define the backend endpoint : SERVER_ENDPOINT

msiexec /i "IN2IT-agent-" SERVER_ENDPOINT= /quiet

In the previous command line, replace "IN2IT-agent-" by the installer path and name you have.

Replace "" by your server endpoint. 

Manually create "Send To" template

  1. In a MediaComposer bin, create an new sequence (or import an asset), then right click on it, and select:
    Output > Send To > Make New Template

    The following windo will open.

  2. On “Send To : Make New Template” window,
    On “Destination” line, click on “Set” to configure a temporary destination.
    This destination will be used to export MediaComposer asset, before opening it in IN2IT

  3. Tick “Auto Launch” line, and open the dropdown, to select “Add Item”
    Then browse your system up to :

    • For IN2IT access
    "C:\Program Files\Woody Technologies\IN2IT\bin\"
    • For IN2IT agent
    "C:\Program Files\Woody Technologies\IN2IT-agent\bin\ "

    And select “sendto.exe”Tick the "Auto Load Exported File(s)" option

  4. Tick “Export Settings 1” and click on Options on the same line
    Then configure settings as following:

    Export As : AAF
    ✓ Use Selected tracks
    ✓ AAF Edit Protocol
    ✓ Include Inactive Audio Tracks
    ✓ Include all Video / Data Tracks in Sequence
    ✓ Include Audio Tracks in Sequence
    Select All Tracks in the dropdown
    In "Video / Data Detail" and "Audio Detail" select "Link to (Don't Export) Media"

    Save your export settings:
    click "Save As" ang give a name to your export preset (e.g.: "IN2IT AAF")
    And click "Save"

  5. Now, you can save your "Send To" template.
    Click "Save As Template"And give it a name (e.g. "Send To IN2IT"

Now you have a Send To IN2IT setting avaliable

Export "Send To" template

Once the template have been created, you can export it for an easy deployment.

To export the template, on the client you've created it go in the folder :
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Avid Media Composer\Avid Templates\Send To Templates_

and look for the template name you created with ".stt" extension. 

Copy it.

Import "Send To" template

To import a template, juste paste the exported .stt file on the seme place on a different MediaComposer client.