IN2IT exchange cluster upgrade procedure


This procedure applies to the upgrade of an IN2IT exchange cluster of several nodes from a 3.3.x version to a 3.3.y version


- Stop all watchfolders from the Cluster Manager page; 


- Export the profiles and watchfolders using the IN2IT Wizard, the shortcut of which is 

on the desktop (after validation of the license in the Wizard, use the Tools menu to 

make this backup); 


- Stop the IN2IT exchange service on the additional nodes as well as on the primary node; 


- Start the update operation with the primary node; 


- Save the C:\ProgramData\Woody TechnologiesIN2IT folder (make a copy); 


- Launch the installer of the target version, first it will proceed to the uninstallation of the 

uninstall the previous version. Once this step is validated, the installation wizard of the new version 

new version will be launched; 


- Follow the installation steps, select the First node architecture for the primary node; 


- The information from the previous installation is retained, except in the case of a "from scratch" installation 


The information from the previous installation is retained, except in the case of a "from scratch" installation; 


- Check in the successive screens of the wizard that the installation information is correct (cluster name, default access port, service user...); 

- Validate the installation and wait for the "success" result. The IN2IT exchange service is started automatically and after a few minutes, the configuration interface should be accessible;


NOTE: Watchfolders must be restarted manually from the manager after an upgrade;

NOTE: Perform some ingest tests after upgrading the primary node to verify proper operation before before moving on to upgrade additional nodes. Using a test watchfolder is recommended to avoid too much load on the system.

You can then upgrade the additional nodes by running the the new version. The nodes should appear in the manager page of the cluster manager page; 

- Once all nodes are updated, you can restart all watchfolders;

Attached you will find the same document in pdf format.