IN2IT - Release notes v3.4.0 (2021-10-11)

Upgrade to 3.4 requires a change of your license file, please contact Woody Technologies support team before any upgrade.

IN2IT 3.4 is only available for IN2IT exchange and IN2IT access at the moment.

IN2IT social and IN2IT live will be updated soon.

Installation and User Guides are available here.

Technical specifications are available here.


 New features

 New upload UI for IN2IT exchange

 IN2IT upload agent available for MacOS and Windows

"Send to" workflow from Avid MediaComposer available for IN2IT agent

 New management of third party connectors

 Redesigned profile configuration

 Assign priority to job per profiles

 Assign more than one destination in a single profile

 Change job priority in monitoring view

 Retry job from monitoring view

 New monitoring view with clips grouped per ingest job

 Page numbering in monitoring view

 Search in monitoring view

 Supervision dashboards for system and business metrics

 Google Drive integration for delivery and watchfolder

 Dropbox integration for delivery and watchfolder

 Twitter integration for social media publishing (extra license required)

 Youtube integration for social media publishing (extra license required)

 Facebook integration for social media publishing (extra license required)

 Google Cloud platform integration for delivery and watchfolder

 Improved integration with Avid NRCS (iNews)

 Telestream Vantage integration

 IN2IT exchange job native integration in profiles

 Native slack integration for notifications

 Native MS Teams integration for notifications

 Custom scripts execution in Notifications

 Notifications for entire workflow or per processed clip

 New metadata types: date, boolean, number, list with multiple choices, hierarchical metadata lists

 New metadata extractor feature to read metadata from sidecars and 3rd party systems

 Metadata formatting options for mapping to destinations

 Control of metadata input length in user interfaces

 Selection of auth provider for API integrations

 News wire ingest workflow to Avid PAM and NRCS

 External metadata integration with Grass Valley AMPP MAM

 Custom metadata can be used in notifications customization

 New Wizard options to install supervision

 IN2IT exchange and IN2IT access apps fro Avid MediaCentral Cloud UX have been redesigned and are compatible with new metadata

 Additional watchfolder options for filtering

 Metadata only workflows are available

 Metadata mapping can now be used to calculate NEXIS workspace path

 New asset type filtering in Avid PAM (Interplay) watchfolders

 AAF source is supported for Outgest worfklows (Avid PAM required)

 Profiles: it is now possible to search inside lists by typing the researched term (i.e. XDCAM in the list of target formats)

 New options are available for custom formats

 HEVC support for custom format outputs

 Canon XF-HEVC sources support

 Avid PAM integration: folder destination for shotlist and sequences can now be different from clips destination

 Rewrap support for C200 source footage

 Public URL is usable for notifications for certain deliveries (Google Drive, Dropbox, social networks)


 General transcoding libreary update

 In client/server architecture, the progress of server jobs can now be monitored in IN2IT UI on clients

 In client/server architecture, stitching is now performed on the server instead of the client

 In client/server architecture, processing can be done on the client or on the server

 When the same format is required for two deliveries, encoding is done now only once by IN2IT

 New license file is required to run IN2IT 3.4, please contact support team before upgrade

 Default custom formats are no longer created by the installer

 Features not available in your license might be grayed in connectors, watchfolders or profiles configuration screens

 Logs are now opening in a new page when opened from IN2IT monitoring

 Mixdown settings are now available for each profile for Avid PAM outgest

 Default metadata output XML structure has changed

 Jobs in monitoring are now displayed in multiple pages if there is an important number of jobs

 A new "workflow id" metadata is available in naming and mapping rules

 Profiles are now automatically filtered in each UI depending on the UI compatibility (mobile, desktop, upload...)

 Sony Prodisc structure is now detected automatically, option is no longer available in profiles


 Recursive watch is now working in Avid PAM watchfolders

 Detected files in watchfolders are now visible in Monitoring even if the proessing workflow fails at the beginning

 Cleanup & housekeeping process is no longer blocked by locked files


 Card watchfolder is not functional in this version, this will be fixed in the next release

 Overlay while transcoding is not functional in this version, this will be fixed in the next release

 API 3.4 is not yet functional in this version, API 3.3 can be used instead (please contact us to enable compatibility)

 Reordering columns in IN2IT UI is temporarily not possible

 Ordering pictograms in IN2IT UI are temporarily missing, ordering is however still possible

 Saving IN2IT UI layout is temporarily not possible

 Only one Avid PAM target can added in a single profile (other types of target can be added)

 Proxy cannot be used for FTP deliveries

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