IN2IT - Release notes v3.4.1 (2021-12-13)

Upgrade to 3.4 requires a change of your license file, please contact Woody Technologies support team before any upgrade.

IN2IT 3.4 is only available for IN2IT exchange and IN2IT access at the moment.

IN2IT social and IN2IT live will be updated soon.

Installation and User Guides are available here.

Technical specifications are available here.


 New features


Custom metadata fields can be displayed in monitoring

Improvements of workflow engine logging

Improvements of supervision dashboards

Windows menu "Open with IN2IT access" is available again

Camera card watchfolder is again available in this version

IN2IT transfer agent for upload UI: parameters are preserved after an update

Case sensitivity on watchfolder filters has been removed

News agency workflow: more comprehensive error messages  

Paging is now available in monitoring  

API version can be chosen in IN2IT wizard  

The last update time has been added to the connections screen, additionally to the initial connection time of the user  


Ingest to Avid DNxHR SQ (1080p25) is fixed

Various profile editing fixes

Fix regarding timezone in date fields formatting

Fix error "Erreur MXF_DIDMapperSegmented..." on some Avid ingests

Use of custom metadata in notifications is fixed

Fix "source path component" metadata

Monitoring per clip is now correctly updated in IN2IT access UI in client-server architecture

Fix FTP upload error when target folder doesn't exist

Fix various FTP delivery errors

Sidecar match behaviour in watchfolder is fixed

Fix "error opening source file" error in growing workflows

Dowload UI availability is fixed

Aspera upload error is fixed

Fix of monitoring issue when using an AD user in IN2IT upload UI

It is now possible to stop a job properly in IN2IT upload UI

XSL transformation issue for metadata delivery is fixed

Watchfolder was stuck if the post-processing task fails. This is fixed.

Fixes regarding subclip copy in a client-server architecture

Various IN2IT access browser fixes

Behaviour fix when sending one job for all clips in client-server architecture

"Send to" workflow from Media Composer is fixed 


 Overlay while transcoding is not functional in this version, this will be fixed in a coming release

 Only one Avid PAM target can added in a single profile (other types of target can be added)

 Proxy cannot be used for FTP deliveries

 API 3.4 is not yet functional in this version, API 3.3 can be used instead (please contact us to enable compatibility)

 IN2IT transfer agent for IN2IT upload UI requires internet access on the client to work

 Reordering columns in IN2IT UI is temporarily not possible

 Ordering pictograms in IN2IT UI are temporarily missing, ordering is however still possible

 Saving IN2IT UI layout is temporarily not possible

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