IN2IT - Release notes v3.4.2 (2021-12-30)

Upgrade to 3.4 requires a change of your license file, please contact Woody Technologies support team before any upgrade.

IN2IT 3.4 is only available for IN2IT exchange and IN2IT access at the moment.

IN2IT social and IN2IT live will be updated soon.

Installation and User Guides are available here.

Technical specifications are available here.


 New features

 Support of camera card structure for Panasonic CX350

 It is now possible to generate a CSR (certificate signing request) from Woody Wizard

 Support of AP dopesheets for news agency workflows


 Reordering of items in metadata configuration and lists configuration is now possible

 Various improvements in supervision dashboards and logs

 Added option to bypass special characters handling in output metadata mapping

Source asset analysis improvements 

Wav custom output format is now available 

Log level can be defined independantly for each watchfolder

 An option is available in config files to handle MediaCentral|Transcode timeout

A new version of Avid MediaCentral Cloud ux apps is available (2022.01.1)


 Various fixes in IN2IT access browser and card opening, including folder names displayed in french

 Issues with subclips processing have been fixed

Card detection in IN2IT access is fixed

Column selection in IN2IT access UI is fixed

Saving columns layout in IN2IT access UI is fixed

Clips sorting in IN2IT access UI is fixed

Various improvements and fixes in IN2IT access UI

Various improvements and fixes in IN2IT access for cards and media browsing

Wav source was processed as a video, this is now fixed

 Processing as MatteEffect for Avid modes has been fixed for sources containing alpha channel

 Error fixes related to "source path" and "source path component" metadata

 Various fixes regarding monitoring of client-server workflows

 Watchfolder post-processing on S3 buckets has been fixed

 Fix an issue related to & character in iNews story titles

 Fix various issues related to camera card watchfolders

 "Send to" workflow from Avid Media Composer is working again


 Wav targets are not available for Avid source assets, it is only working with file sources at the moment. This will befixed in a coming release

 Overlay while transcoding is not functional in this version, this will be fixed in a coming release

 API 3.4 is not yet functional in this version, API 3.3 can be used instead (please contact us to enable compatibility)

 Reordering columns in IN2IT UI is temporarily not possible

 Ordering pictograms in IN2IT UI are temporarily missing, ordering is however still possible

 Saving IN2IT UI layout is temporarily not possible

 Only one Avid PAM target can added in a single profile (other types of target can be added)

 Proxy cannot be used for FTP deliveries

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